How to adjust slippage tolerance

In response to popular demand, Orca has added a custom slippage tolerance feature to the trading modal. Using these settings will override the router's dynamic settings and can result in poor value trades. Use of custom slippage tolerance settings is not recommended, but power users may prefer a custom settings. This guide assumes you have already entered your trade into Orca, please see How to trade on Orca for instructions on the trading process.

How to enter custom slippage

  1. Select the slippage tolerance adjustment button, which will currently display AUTO.

  2. The slippage tolerance adjustment settings will now be displayed, with the slider defaulting to the automatic threshold Orca's router plans to use, the slider can be used to select a custom setting.

  3. Once a custom sippage is selected a checkbox will appear, the default is to Reset to AUTO after the current trade, if you wish to retain your custom slippage uncheck this box.

  4. The UI will display the custom slippage. To return to auto click on the figure.

  5. Then click on the cross to remove your custom setting.

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