Asset Lister FAQs

Will the old Community Listing feature be deprecated?

No, the old workflow can still be used, but only the new tool allows you to create a pool for a token that does not appear on the Orca Token List. The new tool is in beta and is intended for expert and professional users only.

Does Orca charge fees to create pools?

No, only Solana network fees are payable.

I created a new pool but can't find it in the UI, where is it?

It can take up to 15 minutes for a new pool to appear in the UI. Forcing a reload in your browser may reduce this time.

How can I change the token price in my pool after I create it?

You can't simply change a price in a pool, only market action can change a pool price. If you need help calculating the size of trade needed to move the current price to the target price please reach out to Orca. If you do not have an open channel of communication with Orca then please create a ticket by accessing the 🤖│support-ticket channel on Discord.

Should I create my pool, before or after launch?

This is up to you, but be aware that once a pool is created your token will be visible in the UI and anyone with any of your token will be able to add liquidity to the pool and/or trade against it.

How can I delete a pool I created?

It is not possible to delete a pool, it is therefore critical to take care during the creation process.

Can I lock liquidity?

There is not currently a function on Orca to lock liquidity. If you have no intention of withdrawing liquidity, ever, you can lock the liquidity forever by burning the pool position NFT.

If a pool position NFT is burnt it is impossible to withdraw liquidity or harvest any trading fees.

I burned my Pool Position NFT, can Orca help me retrieve my funds?

No. If a Pool Position NFT has been burned there is no way for Orca (or anyone else) to access the liquidity that was associated with it. The NFT is the proof to the blockchain that your wallet owns the liquidity, if that proof is destroyed you can no longer interact with the liquidity it represented. Because Orca's pools are non-custodial it is not possible for Orca to alter the ownership retrospectively, nor assign the ownership to a new NFT.

How can I remove the warning triangle that shows on my token?

To remove this sign, please contact Orca to discuss its removal, you can complete this form, speak to Orca via channels of communication your already have open, or create a ticket by accessing the 🤖│support-ticket channel on Discord.

How can I get price data to show for my token?

Price data on Orca is usually derived from a pool on Orca.

For the price to be derived from a pool on Orca there must be enough liquidity in the pool for a $1000 USD trade to move the price <5%.

Price data in wallets and other dApps is typically extracted from CoinGecko API data, it is therefore sensible to list your token on CoinGecko at the first opportunity (see How to list a new asset with CoinGecko)

How can I add rewards/incentives to my pool?

If you want to add rewards to your pool, please see How to add rewards to a pool.

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