How to create an initial pool for an asset

The Pool Creation tool is intended for expert and professional users only. If you are not in this category of users please see the Classic: Community Listing Creating a Pool Tutorial, or create a ticket by accessing the 🤖│support-ticket channel on Discord

NOTE: If you have not added your token to the Orca Token List (see how to add a token to the Orca Token List), tickArray accounts may need separately initialising for your token to facilitate trade. This can be achieved by creating additional positions. You can view the state of your pool, including its tickArrays on Account Microscope ( If additional support is required, please reach out to Orca through an open communication channel or via #❓│dev-questions on Discord.

How to Create a pool on Orca, permissionlessly

UI Tool tips are provided in the pool creation modal, these contain useful information so be sure to read them as you go.

  1. Before you can create a pool your wallet must contain at least a small amount of each token in the planned pair, as well as sufficient SOL to pay any network fees.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Enter the mint address for Token A (if the token is already visible you can use symbol or name instead).

  4. Enter the symbol, name, or mint address for Token B.

    NOTE: while the Orca UI will optimally sort the token order, you will have to enter the initial price in the format Token B per Token A, ensure you select the order at this stage to allow you to enter a logical initial price.

  5. Select an available fee tier for your pool. If a fee tier is disabled a pool already exists at that rate. If you are unsure, then a 1% fee tier is likely best, for non-stable pairs, unless you have a specific reason to list using a different tier.

  6. Enter your initial price.

    NOTE: this is the price at which trading will commence. It is not possible to edit the price later, which can only be moved through trading action. Failure to set the correct price here can result in loss of liquidity or additional costs moving the price through trading action.

  7. Choose either a full or custom range pool.

  8. (optional) If you have selected a custom range, please choose the initial min and max range.

  9. Enter quantities for each token to form your initial deposit, this can be a tiny amount to create the initial pool, with liquidity added separately later.

  10. Click create pool.

  11. Review details in your wallet and authorize.

    NOTE: It can take up to 1-minute to create a pool and it may take up to 15-minutes for your pool to be visible in the UI. Forcing a reload in your browser may make the pool visible sooner.

Once you create the initial pool you (and anyone else) will be free to create other pools using the token.

If your token is not listed on CoinGecko (see how to register your token with CoinGecko) a warning sign will alert users that the token was added to Orca permissionlessly. To remove this sign, please contact Orca to discuss its removal, you can complete this form, speak to Orca via channels of communication your already have open, or create a ticket by accessing the 🤖│support-ticket channel on Discord.

If you want to add rewards to your pool, please see How to add rewards to a pool.

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