Orca Javascript SDK is an open source node library that allows developers to integrate easily with the Orca platform.

The main features of the SDK include the ability to:

  • Obtain pool and farm addresses

  • Obtain price quotes

  • Trade

  • Deposit to and withdraw from a liquidity pool

  • Stake and unstake from a farm

  • Harvest stake rewards

  • Make use of miscellaneous helper functions

Orca is constantly improving the SDK to add new features and provide the best developer experience.

If you want to build on top of Whirlpools, please join the Orca Whirlpool Builders Program.

If you have feedback please reach out in the #integrations Discord channel.

If you'd like to request a feature or integrate with us, please submit a request here.

Orca is excited to see what you build! 🐋

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