Classic: how to change yield display settings

Orca's pool explorer displays yield estimates using the formula 24h Yield / TVL rather than generating an APR estimate. However, Orca allows users to change how the UI displays estimated yield by multiplying 24h Yield / TVL by a chosen number of days. When using this setting be mindful that past activity is not a guarantee of future returns.

To change the yield display settings:

  1. Navigate to the Liquidity page.

  2. With the Explore tab open, click the Settings button.

  3. Under Project 24h yield over... select the drop down arrow.

  4. Select a timeframe of your choosing.

The UI will adjust the displayed yield estimate to match the chosen timeframe. The displayed figure is a simple multiplication of 24h Yield / TVL by the selected number of days and should not be relied on as an expected APR.

These settings will remain in place unless cookies are deleted.

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