How to withdraw liquidity

  1. Navigate to your portfolio (

  2. Click on the ellipsis button ( ... ) to the right of your position (image 1)

  3. Select - Withdraw Liquidity (image 2).

  4. The Withdraw Liquidity Overlay will open, you can remove liquidity in several ways… By entering the amount you want to remove in one of the fields under Amount to remove (image 3).

    By entering the balance you wish your position to be reduced to in one of the fields under Final balance (image 4).

    By typing the percentage of the liquidity you wish to remove in the central field (image 5).

    In each case the number of tokens deposited will automatically adjust to match the required ratio for your position.

  5. (optional) adjust your liquidity slippage by clicking on the liquidity button (image 6) - see Understanding Slippage.

  6. Once you are satisfied with your values, click Withdraw (image 7).

  7. If you enter values that result in all of your liquidity being removed, or you select Max in any of the pictured locations (image 8)

    …instead of seeing the Withdraw button you will see a Close Position button (image 9).

  8. Once you are satisfied click Withdraw (or Close Position), review details in your wallet and confirm.

  9. Withdrawal Complete! 🎉

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