How to add liquidity to a position

Due to divergence loss, you are not guaranteed a positive return!

  1. Click on the ellipsis button ( ... ) to the right of your position (image 1).

  2. Select + Deposit Liquidity (image 2).

  3. The Deposit Liquidity Overlay will open, you can add liquidity in several ways… By entering the amount you want to add in one of the fields under Amount to add (image 3).

    By entering the balance you wish your position to increase to in one of the fields under Final balance (image 4).

    By typing the percentage of available funds you wish to add in the central field (image 5).

    Alternatively you can select max in any of the highlighted fields (image 6).

    In each case the number of tokens deposited will automatically adjust to match the required ratio for your position.

  4. (optional) activate the Autoswap toggle (image 7) to automatically trade between the paired tokens to match your desired deposit.

  5. (optional) adjust your liquidity slippage by clicking on the liquidity slippage button (image 8) - see Understanding Slippage.

  6. Once you are satisfied with your deposit values, click Deposit (image 9).

  7. Deposit Complete! 🎉 As you have added liquidity to your existing position, you will not receive a new pool position NFT. Your existing NFT will represent your new position and in your wallet it will be displayed as a simple image with the warning "DO NOT BURN" (image 10).

DO NOT sell or burn this NFT. You can send it to another wallet to transfer your position, but (whale forbid) please don't burn or sell it, or you'll lose your liquidity! Orca CANNOT help you recover any funds lost as a result of burning a pool position NFT.

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