Creating a Pool Tutorial

Create a pool

  1. Select Liquidity at the top of the main screen.

  2. With the Explorer tab active click on +Create a pool.

  3. Read the explanation in the Create a pool modal, and then select Get started.

  4. Enter Token A using its label, symbol or mint address, then repeat for Token B.

  5. (Optional) if you have not already done so select Connect wallet.

  6. Select Continue to next step.

  7. Carefully set initial deposit parameters.

    Note: these parameters are critical to how your pool will operate. Pool fee rates are analogous to a spread in a traditional orderbook: a 0.30% fee rate equates to a 60 bps spread for traders. Different fee tiers are useful for market makers during varying levels of market volatility. Please do your research and swim carefully when creating your pool.

  8. When you are ready select Preview.

  9. Review details of your pool carefully.

    Warning: high transaction fees: creating a pool uses a lot of space on the blockchain. Solana network fees will be higher than for standard transactions.

  10. Select Create pool and deposit, review and approve in your wallet: this transaction creates your pool.

  11. A second transaction is needed to deposit to the pool, review and approve in your wallet.

  12. That's it! Your pool is live!

    Note: you can find links in the modal to your pool, but new pools may take up to 10 minutes to appear in the explorer.

  13. (Optional) select Add token to the Orca Token List if you wish to add a token to Orca’s token list - this will open a form on which you can submit a request. Please see How to add a token to the Orca Token List and/or How to add rewards to a pool.

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