Proposal template and guidelines

Proposals should be laid out using a format similar to the below. Links to examples of some previous proposals can be found at the bottom of this page.

  1. Summary this section should introduce the proposal and aggregate the information in the other sections, The aim is to summarize the proposal concisely. This section should be 50-250 words.

  2. Description Expand on the proposal's practical changes and how it would be implemented. A detailed description is needed but try not to exceed 500 words.

  3. Motivation This is the argument for your proposal and an account of what issues it solves. You are justifying your proposal's implementation and highlighting its merits. You can use subsections to expand on specific arguments. Any further details which don’t fit into the structure above can be included as appendices.

The above should not be viewed as hard rules but can be used as a guide for structuring a proposal. Orca CMs will gladly help or answer any questions, you may have.

Below are links to some well written proposals for reference:

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