How to trade on Orca

Please select the appropriate tab below, for the direction of your trade. If you are new to Solana, see the New to Solana? tab.

  1. Connect wallet to Orca

    1. On Orca's home page, click Connect wallet.

      On desktop the button is at the bottom left, on smaller mobile devices select the fish/NFT at the top right of your screen.

    2. Select your wallet from the list, or free type its name in the box.

    3. Click Connect.

    4. Enter your password in your wallet dialog box and click Unlock.

  2. Buy on Orca Your wallet is connected and you are can trade. On the you can see the type and number of tokens in your wallet.

    1. In the trade bar select the token you wish to buy and the token you wish to spend.

    2. Decide whether you want to: buy a set amount of token-A; or spend a set amount of token-B: if required use the arrow to move the quantity field.

    3. Enter the number of tokens you wish to buy or spend, you can also select half or max to use that portion of your payment token balance.

    4. The trade bar will display the exact number of token you will spend or buy, as well as compare the price to the best available price from Jupiter.

    5. (optional) Use the drop down arrow, at trade bar bottom, to view granular details for your trade.

    6. (optional) Orca will dynamically adjust slippage tolerance, if you want to adjust slippage manually see How to adjust slippage tolerance.

    7. If you are satisfied with the trade, select Buy.

    8. In your wallet check the details of the trade, and if happy click Approve.

    9. The trade bar will display the progress of your trade before showing you a confirmation.

Once a transaction is completed it will be visible under RECENT TRANSACTIONS on the right side.

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