Classic: how to provide liquidity

Due to divergence loss, you are not guaranteed a positive return!

The below guide is available with and without images, select the tab that suits you best.

How to provide liquidity

  1. First connect your wallet to Orca.

  2. Select Liquidity at the top of the main screen.

  3. In the Explorer find the desired pool then click Deposit.

  4. Select either a preset price range or create a custom range. If using a preset range click Next step: Choose amount and skip step 5.

  5. (Optional) to create a custom range drag the sliders on the liquidity distribution graph, type the MIN and MAX values, or use the + and - buttons. When ready click Next step: Choose amount.

  6. Enter the number of tokens to deposit, this will need to match the ratio for the chosen price range (or use the Match deposit ratio toggle see step 7). Then click Preview.

  7. (Optional) activate the Match deposit ratio toggle to trade your tokens to match the deposit ratio. Click Trade and preview then confirm in your wallet.

  8. To track the performance of your position, record or take a screenshot of the information on this screen. You can activate range alerts here to receive alerts if the price moves out of your range.

  9. When ready click Confirm deposit, review the details in your wallet, including payable network fees and approve.

    REVIEW CAREFULLY it is critical you check your range and the current price of the pool match your intentions, depositing liquidity at a price not consummate with wider market values may result in loss.

  10. Deposit Complete!🎉You will now see an image of your position NFT which is in your wallet.

    DO NOT sell or burn this NFT. You can send it to another wallet to transfer your position, but (whale forbid) please don't burn or sell it, or you'll lose your liquidity!

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