How to provide liquidity

Due to divergence loss, you are not guaranteed a positive return!

How to provide liquidity

You can provide Liquidity in Orca's Classic Liquidity interface if you prefer (see Classic: how to provide liquidity).

  1. Navigate to the Liquidity page (

  2. If you have not already done so connect your wallet (image 1).

  3. Find the pool you wish to add liquidity to by finding it in the pool list or search for it using the search field.

  4. Click on the pool you wish add liquidity to.

  5. The liquidity side bar will open (image 2).

  6. Select either a Full or Custom range position (image 3) then choose the matching tab, below, to continue using this guide.

Creating to a Full Range Position

  1. If a Full range is selected the liquidity side bar will look like the below (image 4).

  2. Enter the amount to deposit in one of the highlighted fields (image 5), the other values will automatically adjust, to match the deposit ratio for a full range position.

    (optional) activate the Autoswap toggle (image 6) to automatically trade between the paired tokens to match your desired deposit.

    Alternatively you can click on max or half (image 7) to deposit that quantity of tokens from your wallet.

  3. (optional) adjust your liquidity slippage by clicking on the liquidity button (image 8) - see Understanding Slippage for more details.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your deposit values, click Deposit (image 9).

    Review the details in your wallet, including payable network fees and approve.

    REVIEW CAREFULLY it is critical you check your range and the current price of the pool match your intentions, depositing liquidity at a price not consummate with wider market values may result in loss.

  5. Deposit Complete!🎉 (image 10)

    You can click on View Details to view the deposit transaction on Solscan. Your wallet will now contain a pool position NFT. In your wallet it will be displayed as a simple image with the warning "DO NOT BURN" (image 11).

    DO NOT sell or burn this NFT. You can send it to another wallet to transfer your position, but (whale forbid) please don't burn or sell it, or you'll lose your liquidity! Orca CANNOT help you recover any funds lost as a result of burning a pool position NFT.

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