What's new?

If you have been using Orca for a while you will not have failed to notice something new has surfaced on Orca.
Until now, earning yield as a liquidity provider involved a lot of guesswork. Even power user LPs with portfolios in the $100,000s often choose pools and price ranges more though on gut instinct or feel rather than through informed decisions. Sophisticated LPs trawl disparate sources in attempt to weave a meaningful picture of price history, trading volume, and other data, in an attempt to estimate yields and develop their market intuition. Sometimes these LPs miss opportunities to provide liquidity (and hence forego profit) because they don’t have the right data at the right time.
Now, with Orca's Liquidity Terminal (see Orca for Liquidity Providers) LPs can backtest a position using the Yieldfinder. By selecting a price range for a hypothetical position on the price chart, LPs can see the actual yield they could have earned from a position for an arbitrary period in the past, enabling them to identify missed opportunities, set more intentional ranges, and provide liquidity more efficiently. LPing has become an informed bet, not a blind guess. With Liquidity Terminal, hindsight is truly 20/20… in a good way.