Full range deposit pools

Some pools offer users the choice of depositing to the rull range, in a way that mimics a standard pool position in the deprecated constant product pools, despite deploying liquidity to a CLAMM pool. Your position will earn lower yields than it would in a custom position, but it will not need to be rebalanced. The following pools are currently available for full-range deposits: ATLAS/USDC, POLIS/USDC, SHDW/USDC, SAMO/USDC, SOL/USDC, mSOL/USDC, mSOL/USDT, stSOL/USDC, stSOL/USDT, DUST/USDC, DUST/SOL, BONK/USDC, BONK/SOL, ORCA/USDC, ORCA/SOL, MNDE/mSOL, MNDE/USDC, AURY/USDC, mSOL/ETH, mSOL/USDH, mSOL/USDC, stSOL/ETH, stSOL/USDH, wstETH/stSOL, ABR-USDC, TAKI/USDC, stSOL/ETH, bSOL/BONK, HADES/USDC, HADES/SOL, BOP/SOL, BOP/USDC.