How to Trade Tokens

A step-by-step guide for first-timers 👋

1. Create a Solana wallet

To use Orca, you'll need to create a Solana wallet with Phantom, Solflare, Math Wallet, Coin98, SafePal, BitKeep, or Slope. Orca is a decentralized protocol that facilitates trades on Solana, as Orca is non-custodial when you trade tokens the protocol will interact directly with your wallet.
In these documents, Phantom wallet was used for demonstration purposes.

2. Get SOL

Since Orca is built on the Solana blockchain, you'll need its native token, SOL, in your wallet to pay network fees on each transaction. The network fees are only a fraction of a cent per transaction, so just a dollar or two is enough to get started! You can either purchase SOL directly, or convert it from ETH via MetaMask.
Option 1: Purchase SOL on a centralized exchange of your choice.
In Phantom, click Deposit.
Type the name of the token you would like to deposit in your wallet, in this case Solana.
Click Copy to copy the Deposit Address, and send SOL to that address from Binance, FTX or Coinbase.
It's important to confirm that the deposit address is correct and that the withdrawal method is Solana SPL before sending funds!
Option 2: Convert ETH to SOL through Sollet + MetaMask.
In Sollet, expand the row for SOL.
Click Receive -> "ETH" tab -> Connect to MetaMask.
Enter how much you'd like to convert, then confirm the transaction via MetaMask.

3. (Optional) Convert tokens from Ethereum via MetaMask

If you have ERC-20 tokens that you'd like to trade on Orca, you can convert them to a Serum-wrapped SPL equivalent within the Sollet UI by connecting your MetaMask. To do so, click the plus sign in the upper-right of the header in Sollet.
Connect your wallet on, then click the plus sign circled in yellow.
Add any tokens you'd like to convert by selecting from the provided list. If you're comfortable dealing directly with contract/mint addresses, you can also manually add tokens via either the ERC-20 contract address (in the "ERC20 Token" tab) or SPL mint address ("Manual Input" tab).
Once you've added the token to your wallet, click the token to open up the row, then click Receive.
Click to the second tab, then connect your MetaMask.
Enter an amount, click Convert, and confirm the transaction in MetaMask. Once the transaction is confirmed, the tokens will appear in your Sollet.

4.Connect sollet wallet with Orca and trade

Click “connect wallet” on the Orca home page , then enter the wallet password in the dialog box, click ‘’Unlock‘’, and then click ‘’Connect‘’. Orca has completed the task of linking wallets.
On the far left of the page you can see the type and number of tokens in the wallet.
You can select the pair and number of tokens you want to trade in the following interface, click Trade and then click Approve to complete the transaction.