Portfolio Navigational Chart

When navigating to the portfolio page you will see all you positions for all the pairs you have liquidity deposited to. If you want to view positions held for a specific pair you can view those by loading the pool on the markets explorer (see Market Explorer Navigational Charts).

The first step before you can use Liquidity Terminal is to connect your wallet (see image 1).

Once you have connected your wallet to Orca the Markets Explorer display will change (see image 2). There are six key sectors, numbered in the image below. Let's continue on downward as we voyage through the Liquidity Terminal.

1. Side Navigation Bar

The side navigation bar will remain visible as you move between pages in the Liquidity Terminal.

There are four components (image 3)

  1. Hamburger button (☰): toggles the Side Navigation Bar compact form, leaving more room for other features.

  2. Page menu: move between the pages of the Liquidity Terminal (Markets, Portfolio, Create Pool, Rewards) as well as select More to discover… well… more about Orca!

  3. My Crypto: shows the assets in your wallet.

  4. Wallet menu: selecting the fish (🐠) or ellipsis (…) will open a sub-menu allowing you to copy address, change wallet, update profile picture, or disconnect wallet.

2. Orca information bar and language selection

At the top of the page, you will find a bar containing Orca market information and at the far right a language selection button. This bar is visible on many pages across Liquidity Terminal (see image 4).

3. Portfolio Control Bar

The Portfolio Control Bar contains several functions (image 5).

From left to right:

  1. Notifications: this button allows you to sign into and manage notifications, powered by notifi ().

  2. Harvest All: this button allows you to harvest all available yield for all your positions (see how to harvest yield).

  3. Flip prices ⇌: this button will flip price order for the displayed pairs.

  4. BROWSE MARKETS ▶: navigates to the Markets Explorer page (see Market Explorer Navigational Charts).

4. Portfolio Fields Control Bar

Here you can sort your positions by variables, you can change the displayed fields using the FIELDS button on the right. You can order your positions in ascending and descending order for any of the selected fields.

5. Portfolio Positions

Your positions, across all pools, are displayed here. This area is divided into two sections (image 7). You can amend the data displayed and order the pools using the Portfolio Fields Control Bar.

  1. Your Positions: here your positions are displayed, you can amend the data displayed and order your positions using the Portfolio Fields Control Bar.

  2. Control buttons: here you will find some buttons that allow you to control functions, from left to right:

    1. Bell toggle: this allows you to mute and unmute notifications for an individual position, ().

    2. Vertical Ellipsis (⋮) button: gives access to a menu with four options:

      1. Harvest Pending Yield (see How to harvest yield): harvests pending yield from just the selected position.

      2. Add liquidity (see How to add liquidity): add additional liquidity to the position.

      3. Remove liquidity (see How to remove liquidity): remove liquidity from the position.

      4. Close Position: this will close the position, burn the pool position NFT, and harvest any remaining yield.

    3. Arrow (>) button: navigates to the Markets Explorer page and loads the selected position into the chart (see Market Explorer Navigational Charts).

The footer menu provides a host of useful links to locations, tools, resources, documents, as well as Orca's social and media accounts (see image 8).

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