How to harvest yield

There are several ways to harvest pending yield in Liquidity Terminal, and you can chose to harvest:

  1. A single position.

  2. All positions for a specific pool.

  3. All your positions for all pools.

How to harvest pending yield from a single position.

  1. There are two places you can harvest pending yield for a single position within Liquidity Terminal, in both locations clicking on the Vertical Ellipsis (⋮) button of the position from which you wish to harvest yield will open a submenu (image 1).

    These locations are:

    1. In the Positions area of the Market Explorer (see Market Explorer Navigational Chart).

    2. In the Portfolio Positions area of your Portfolio (See Portfolio Navigational Chart).

  2. In both cases the menu is the same, select Harvest pending yield (image 2).

  3. Review the details in your wallet, including payable network fees and approve.

  4. Harvest Complete! 🎉

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