How to Use Double-Dip Pools
Double-Dip pools are special Aquafarms that reward LPs with both ORCA and a partner project's tokens.

1. Provide Liquidity to an Aquafarm

Note: due to divergence loss, you are not guaranteed a positive return!
Note: it is not possible to transfer your liquidity provision (LP) tokens and withdraw from another account!
Follow the How to Provide Liquidity Guide to deposit into an eligible Aquafarm. After completing a deposit, you will now have Orca LP tokens in your wallet corresponding to the pool you've added liquidity to.
You can see eligible Double-Dip pools on the "Double-Dip" tab.

2. Double-Dip Orca LP Tokens

Click on the Double-Dip tab and find the Double-Dip pool you'd like to participate in. Click "Double-dip" as per the screenshot below. Click “APPROVE” to complete the confirmation in your wallet. That's it! You are now earning dual-rewards.
Rewards can be manually harvested by clicking "Harvest" or all earnings will automatically be collected when removing liquidity from a pool.

3. How to Withdraw Tokens From a Double-Dip Pool

Click "Harvest & Undip" from the Double-Dip tab. Your Orca LP tokens will now be viewable in your wallet.
Then simple follow the How to Withdraw Tokens From a Pool guide to withdraw liquidity from an Aquafarm.