How to Provide Liquidity

1. Provide liquidity

Note: due to divergence loss, you are not guaranteed a positive return!
Note: it is not possible to transfer your liquidity provision (LP) tokens and withdraw from another account!
Click Pools at the top of the main screen, select the pool that you want to provide and then click "Deposit."
Enter the number of tokens you want to Deposit in the pool as the following screenshot (you need to have the same two tokens in your wallet base on the pool). Click “Deposit” and then click “APPROVE” to complete the confirmation in your wallet.
Also on this page you can see the APY based on the past 30 days.
When you finished, you'll see your liquidity information appear in the middle and upper part of the page.

2.How to Withdraw Tokens From a Pool

If you want to Withdraw tokens from the pool, click the "Withdraw" button as the below image:
Then select the amount to Withdraw, click "Withdraw" and then click "APPROVE" to confirm the transaction in the wallet. At the same time, you can see the total number of tokens you can receive after the withdrawal (including both the liquidity token which you provided and the reward token).