Collectibles Staking
Orca Collectibles are special tokens featuring creatures from our marine ecosystem. Learn more about staking Collectibles here! 🐟🐋
To celebrate our Fall Festival, all Collectible holders were able to earn ORCA for staking their Collectibles between September 28th to October 12th, 2021.
The rewards were distributed as follows:
(listed as COLLECTIBLE NAME: [total rewards per pool] — [estimated return per token], if every distributed token is deposited for the full 2 weeks and the price of $ORCA is $15 USD)
GUPPY: 52,500 $ORCA — $80 STARFISH: 3,000 $ORCA — $25 CLOWNFISH: 20,000 $ORCA — $215 PORPOISE: 20,000 $ORCA — $300 WHALE: 10,000 $ORCA — $3,000 KILLER WHALE: 500 $ORCA — $7,500
These amounts were chosen based on the rarity and circulating supply of each Collectible, which can be found at
In total, ORCA Collectible holders deposited 7000+ GUPPIES, 1500+ STARFISH, 1000+ CLOWNFISH, 1000+ PORPOISES, 44 WHALES and 1 KILLER WHALE!
For more information about these fishy friends, including how they were originally earned, check out our Collectibles History doc!
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