Collectible: STARFISH
Orca Collectibles are special tokens featuring creatures from our marine ecosystem. Learn more about STARFISH here! ⭐
Hey there, fishy friends!

What's this cutie?!

INTRODUCING… our shiny new STARFISH Collectible!
As the name suggests, STARFISH are our little stars of the sea. They’re a badge of honor for members of our pod who go that extra nautical mile!
Total supply: 100,000

How can I get one?

A galaxy of STARFISH (yes — a group of STARFISH is called a galaxy! 🌌) have already been dropped to each of our pod leaders.
Our Community Managers will distribute STARFISH manually within our community groups. They will be awarded as a ‘thank you’ for actions that help us to grow and support our community.
Actions can be anything from answering questions in Discord or WeChat, translating content, or creating memes. You may also win them for participating in events or contests. There’s no limit - the world’s your oyster!

How can I get more STARFISH?

The number of STARFISH we award is not limited to 1!
For example, you could earn 1 STARFISH for a great answer to a question, 10 for creating the next viral Orca meme, or 100 for translating a blog post! (Exact amounts not guaranteed).
Get involved! Get creative! Get STARFISH!

What does it do?

Like all other Collectibles, STARFISH are simply meant to be collected 🌟
You can also use STARFISH as a way of giving kudos! Has someone answered your question or helped you solve a tricky issue? Well, if you have a few STARFISH to spare, now you can send one STARFISH to thank them o-fish-ally!
The STARFISH Collectible is dedicated to our community, so we invite you to tap into your creativity and suggest other fun ways to use them! And, of course... there will be STARFISH prizes for the best ideas!