Orca Liquidity Migration Guide

In Q1 2023, Orca deprecated support for non-concentrated liquidity (legacy) version of its smart contract (including Aquafarms) and turned off protocol fees for all pools. Approximately $9M worth of liquidity remains in legacy pools which are now in withdrawal-only mode.
Here you will find step-by-step guides for removing your liquidity from legacy pools and troubleshooting arising issues. Directions to guides for adding liquidity to Orca’s CLAMM pools, as well as other options are also explained. The next page Moving to a CLAMM pool and other options, will explain how you can use the automated migration tool, how to manually withdraw and re-deposit liquidity, as well as explain other options.
As Orca changes its focus to concentrated liquidity pools, the legacy constant product pools will be deprecated from the Orca UI. However, as programmatic trading will remain possible, some external protocols may continue to route trades through these pools.